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Ability to view both document boundaries and bleed area at the same time

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By default, Designer hides bleed area, so you can't see anything in it and can't properly work with your document as a result.

However, once you enable "Show Bleed" option, then Designer hides document bounds, so now you have no idea where they are.

When "Show Bleed" option is enabled, document bounds should still be shown, like in all other programs that have ability to separate bleed area of the document.

Here is an example from Illustrator:


Black line is the document boundary, red line is the bleed area, and the content is seen in both areas.
This is currently impossible to do in Designer - instead you have to draw the document boundary line yourself, every time in every document.

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When I enable “Show Bleed” I can see the document boundary – see attached image (bleed limit is light purple, white area is document boundary).

So that we can see the problem for ourselves, can you show us what you can see in Designer rather than what you get in another application?


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34 minutes ago, carl123 said:


Make sure View > View Mode > Clip to Canvas is off (unticked) then you should see the document boundry

Yeah this is what I was looking for, previously I had no idea what this option even does.

Well, its confusing that you need to change two settings to be able to work with bleed area.

I'd argue that "Show Bleed" and "Clip to Canvas: off" should be the default, and they won't matter for people who do not use bleed

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