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MAC Publisher: Publisher > MS Word workflow?

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I can PDF a publisher document, and open it in LibreOffice, but MS Word just gives me that dumb Homer Simpson look. I guess from LibreOffice, I could save out as a Word format, then open and re-save in the real Word to really...Wordify it?

I'm not seeing a quicker one. Thank you in advance if anyone else does.

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Are you using a really old version of Word?  How are you trying to 'open' your PDFs?  I've opened (File > Open) PDF's from various sources straight into Word on a number of occasions over the years.  Right-clicking a PDF on my desktop and selecting Open With > Microsoft Word also works.

I'm using Word 365.  At work, I've had Windows-using colleagues open complex PDF's straight into Word 2019 and possibly some older ones using Word 2016 in times gone by.  The results have been a little mixed but have usually sufficed.

In a couple of quick test documents produced just now out of Publisher, I selected the "PDF (digital - high quality)" export preset.  I wonder if some of the other presets my not work so well (or better!)?

—— Gary ——

Photo/Designer/Publisher: Affinity Store, v2.1.1 release

Mac mini (M1, 2020), 16GB/2TB, macOS Ventura 13.4.1(c) • MacBook Pro (Intel), macOS Ventura • Windows 10 via VMware Fusion • iOS: current release

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I am using a 2021 Version of Word / Office for Mac.

Weird..yesterday, when I opened from Word, I was presented with some kind of converter settings box saying "select the settings until the PDF looks right." Never looked right. 

Today, same method of opening, and Word Opens the PDF straight away..mangles it a bit, but the text's there.


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