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Grid Suggestions


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It would be awesome if we could:

- Make polar, circular grids.

- Create grids that can be imported and resized for reuse in projects such as a golden rectangle grid.

- Allow grids and guides to be set in their own layers so that multiple grids and guides can be stacked on top of one another so that modular grids can be created.

- Change the color of grids and guide lines.

- Set where grid gutters should fall, left, right, or both sides of columns, above, below or both sides of rows.

- Create grids out of shapes, rectangle shape can be created and turned into a grid (with the same functionality as global grids) allowing us to be truly creative with the grids we create.

- Typographic grids would be awesome as well, baseline for setting type on.

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Having a more robust grid feature would be so beneficial. I'm using the grid now and it almost seems to be deliberately hard to see -- the faint grey against white (or any other color except black)) is basically useless, as I usually set opacity to my reference layer (the one I'm tracing/drawing from) to 25% and that seems to be the exact color/whatev of the grid. In my comic drawing app, I can set the color for the Main and division lines to be separate colors (wonderful for hand lettering, btw). By being able to use different colors for the Main/division lines and also to choose different colors for each of the other 2 axis would be very helpful. 


As it stands, when I have a object selected, the selection obscures much of the grid and it's hard to see if I'm on it or not and it's a distraction to constantly fiddle with the snapping to see if I'm on the grid or not. 


Here's a screen cap of how the grid appears in a project I'm working on:



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