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Affinity Photo constantly crashing

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Whenever i edit something Affinity (Photo / Publisher / Designer) is crashing. I don't need to do anything complicated, just roate an image for example. I recorded the behavior in the attached video.

What can be the cause for this? Any ideas how to solve it?

System: Windows 11 Pro Build 22621.105, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU with UHD 620 integrated grafics and additional Nvidia Geforce MX150, all drivers installed to their latest versions as of today.


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Thanks for your report and the update regarding Hardware Acceleration - I'm glad to hear you've been able to resolve this issue!

This isn't the first time I've seen the MX150 specifically causing issues within Affinity, which is logged with our developers for further investigation, so I will be sure to 'bump' this report with our developers now for you.

I hope this clears things up :)

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For me after installing version above 1.10, the affinity photo is crashing. It gives me about 5 to 6 seconds before it completely crashes without giving any error message. That's not even enough time to properly check or tweak the settings. I have the latest (windows 10) updates in my laptop and still it crashes.

If I install the 'affinity-photo-1.9.2.exe' then this crash does not happen. Then I am am able to paint, open, save, etc. without any issue.



*** UPDATE: 

I modified the launch properties to 

"C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\Photo.exe" --disable-font-preview-cache

and now it is no more crashing. I highly suggest please add this as an option in the 'Preference' section so that in once restart happens the font preview cache is disabled. 


I am leaving this post so that it may help someone. Thanks :) 



















EventViewerErrorReport - 20220914.txt

Edited by SanalKumar
Solution found :)
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