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Combining curves at an insecting point

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I'm trying to combine these two curves into one. Optimally, this should result in a sharp point at the intersection.

Other programs like Illustrator or Blender solve this problem with a knife tool or similar.

I can't find any information about how to do this online.

Please help. Thanks in advance.


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With both objects selected choose menu Layer > Geometry > Merge Curves. It will result in 1 layer of type "(Curves)" (Plural) containing two initial single curve objects.


I am not sure what you want to achieve with an additional node but you can add one easily with the Node Tool, before or after the merge.


macOS 10.14.6 | MacBookPro Retina 15" | Eizo 27" | Affinity V1 only

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thank you for your answer. My goal is to basically get rid of the two top parts of the curves like this.


I'm making a logo and there are a bunch of intersecting lines like these. An i need to find a way to combine them all and get rid of the excess.

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Affinity does not have a knife / scissors tool, so this task gets a bit uncomfortable. "Merge Curves" is not helpful now, so use separate curves. You need to …

… add an extra node (see above) to the first curve, and
… with the new node selected press in the Context Toolbar the button Action: "Break Curve", then
… select only the unwanted part to delete it.

Repeat the steps with the other curve. Finally select both new nodes and press the button Action: "Join Curves".

macOS 10.14.6 | MacBookPro Retina 15" | Eizo 27" | Affinity V1 only

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