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Remove "Add to selection" from the context toolbar and its gesture needs fixing.

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So when you select an object with the move tool, at the very bottom you have a context toolbar that appears for the move tool. On that toolbar is a "+" icon called "add to selection." This icon you have to turn on by hitting it and then what you can do now is tap other objects on your canvas and its combing other objects to your selection. So it allows you to "add to your selection." It lets you select multiple objects so that you have this 1 big selection of objects. 

OR there is a gesture for it where you select your object and then use a 1 finger modifier to select your other objects to "add to your selection." My issue is sometimes the gesture works. Other times it doesnt work because your pencil has trouble selecting your objects. Like, the app doesnt want to select your object. Its weird. It works and then it doesn't so it needs reworking. I guess like a bug is there or something. Its just not letting me select objects. I have to tap a couple of times on the object to select it so this gesture needs fixing

My other issue is you dont need that  "+" icon called "add to selection" on the context toolbar if theres a gesture for it already. Remove it. Its not necessary and no one works that way. No one says, "oh! i need to select multiple objects. let me turn on this button, select my objects, and then turn off the button since I now have my selection." No one works like that. Just use the gesture. Its easier.

On top of that making users turn on the "+" "add to selection" icon is not good. Its not good because you have to turn it off. If you dont turn it off you now have us making all these selections and wondering why that app is behaving this way. Why cant I select a single object and why is the app selecting multiple objects. Why is it behaving this way? Oh! Thats right. I have "add to selection" turned on and i have to turn it off. I completley forgot I turned it on. I wish the app had turned it off for me.  A lot of users are going to go through this. Youre going to confuse us. I already know it going to happen so its best to not have this turn on/turn off button to make a selection because its going to confuse users. Let us turn on/turn off this "add to selection" operation through a 1 finger modifier . Its better. 1 finger turns it on. Removing the finger turns it off. 

The gesture is already in the app. It just needs reworking or fixing. Also, remove "add to selection" from the context toolbar of the move tool. 

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