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Toggle through Vector Brushes while keeping the same stroke point size.

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You know how in photoshop when you type out some text, you set the text to 100pt size, and then you can just toggle between all your fonts and your text changes depending on what font you’re on while remaining at 100 pt size?

Ok. I need that but for vector brushes. Let me explain. 

Vector brushes are presaved at a specific point size. Some are saved at 32pts and others are saved at 64pts. So heres my issue. Lets say I have a stroke at 100pt size on my canvas and what I want to do is toggle through my vector brushes so I can see which vector brush will be best for my design, at 100pts stroke size. So if I click on a vector brush what happens is that vector brush is applied to my 100pt stroke but my stroke point size has decreased from 100pts to 32pts. Why? Because of the pre saved point size of that vector brush I applied. So now when I toggle to other vector brushes the point size of my stroke is going to change depending on the vector brush pre saved point size. So my stroke is no longer at 100pt size. It has now has changed to 32pts or 64pts depending on the vector brush I applied.

So this is an issue because I really just wanted my stroke to stay at 100pt size and I wanted to toggle through my vector brushes at 100pt size because thats the size I need for my design. I don’t need my stroke size being changed but its being changed based on the vector brush I apply because of the presaved point size of that vector brush. And once I apply that 32pt or 64pt vector brush, I now have to manually increase my stroke size to 100pts in the stroke studio and I have to do that for every vector brush I toggle through just so I can see all  my vector brushes at 100pts size. Its an issue. I just want to set my stroke at a specific size and I want to toggle through my vector brushes at that specific stroke size. I don’t want my stroke size being changed.

So heres what I need from the serif team. I need a button that I can turn on in the brushes studio that would allow the app to “ignore" or "override” pre saved vector brush “point sizes.” That way their presaved point size isn’t applied to my 100pt stroke and only the vector brush design is applied at 100pts. So now I can toggle through my vector brushes at 100pt size. All my vector brushes will be applied to my stroke at a 100pt stroke size.  I don’t have to manually change my stroke to 100pts anymore because these vector brushes are not decreasing my stroke size. They’re all being applied at 100pt size. So please let me toggle through my vector brushes without changing my stroke size 

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