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The "?" Tool Tip icon needs to be removed from its current position

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The "?" tool tip icon is currently located at the bottom right corner of the interface. This is NOT a good place to put this icon. This is bad design. The reason why is because I was drawing in the pixel persona the other day and since I'm right handed my whole right hand rests over the bottom right screen of the interface. As I was drawing, the bottom of my wrist kept triggering the "?" icon and it was "disrupting" my work flow. I just couldn't draw because all these tip menus kept popping up every other second on my interface. Its being triggered every time I lay my wrist down to draw. My workflow was being disrupted and thats not good at all. This "?" tool tip icon should NOT be there at the bottom right corner. Nothing should be there really. It should be a dead zone.

So I need the serif team to take this "?" tool tip icon and move it to the top left corner next to the persona icons. That way my wrist doesnt trigger anything while I draw or work. I just need it to not be at the bottom right corner of the interface because right handed users are going to be triggering this icon and its going to be disrupting their work. We dont want that.

I've sketched out what I mean below and moved the "?" icon next to the persona icons. 


Tip tool.jpg


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I wanted to add that the undo and redo buttons are also located at the bottom right corner of the app if you have them turned on. I personally dont have them on because i use finger gestures to undo and redo but if turned on the undo and redo buttons should NOT be at the bottom right corner. Its the same issue with the "?" tool tip icon. Youre going to be triggering them with your wrist as it lays on the screen. You dont want trigger them because it disrupts the workflow. I need the serif team to also move the undo and redo buttons else where. I'm not sure where you want to put them but they shouldnt be at the bottom right corner any more. Nothing should be at the bottom right corner of the interface. 

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