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Change the Finger Gestures for Resizing

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When you resize an object you have 3 finger gestures that you can use. The gestures are listed below and a video tutorial from the serif site shows them being used.

1 finger - Resizes with aspect ratio

2 fingers - Resizes with NO aspect ratio from the center.

3 fingers - Resizes with aspect ratio from the center


Heres my issue. I dont like the gesture for 2 fingers. I dont think I'll ever use that gesture when resizing my object because I want to keep everything proportional. I do however like the gesture for 3 fingers because I know I will resize an object from the center with aspect ratio. So what I want to do is SWAP these gestures. I want 2 finger gesture to resize from the center with aspect ratio and I want 3 fingers to resize with no aspect ratio from the center. I want to swap these 2 finger gestures. I want the most important gesture 1st and the least used gesture last. 

I appreciate the serif team giving me these gestures and assigning fingers to these gestures for me but i want to do my own assigning of fingers. So please let me change these 2 gestures.  Heres what i need from you. I need the serif team to go into the settings of the affinity designer app and create a new category called "Gestures". There, create a Resize category, list the 3 finger gestures for resizing underneath and let me swap 2 for 3 and 3 for 2. Its that easy. And then list all the other gestures for other actions there. 

So again, let me change the finger gestures for Resizing. 

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