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File corruption with groups containing embedded files


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So I had this multi-hour, intricate project with dozens of images, shapes, nested groups, and an embedded designer file. I had double tapped it to open it and make a few tweaks. I then left things as they were, with the embedded document still open, as I had to switch tasks and work in different apps entirely, which caused AP to be dumped out of ram. Upon launching AP again I noticed that the thumbnail of my project was replaced by one of the embedded designer file. When I tried to open it, AP returned an error message that said « loading failed. Unable to load document. » 

I have tried relaunching AP, rebooting the iPad. No effect: the document still won’t load. So I guess the file is permanently corrupted.


Next, I experimented a bit. I have tried duplicating the document. Nothing happened. Trying to save it caused AP to just instantly crash. Renaming did work, but I still wasn’t able to save or duplicate the renamed document.

I also created a new document that contained the same embed and a couple of dozen pictures to very roughly mimic the original project and tried to reproduce the bug. I managed to get AP dumped out of ram while the embedded document was open, but after relaunching AP, the thumbnail was the one of the project, and there was no corruption.

Finally I stashed the embedded designer document in a nested group and tried again. Upon relaunch I was greeted with a thumbnail of the embedded document instead of one of the whole project. The document was corrupted: unloadable, unsavable, etc…

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Hi @Pybewl,

Thanks for your report and our sincerest apologies to hear that your work was lost.

In order for us to log this with our developers, I'd like to replicate this issue here with a copy of your files - can you please upload a copy of the .afphoto file and the embedded document to the below link for me? (note I am looking for a working version of the file before it is corrupted)


Once uploaded, please reply here to let me know. Many thanks in advance :)

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Hi Dan, thanks for your answer!

I have uploaded placeholder files after successfully reproducing the bug with them. I have managed to corrupt the AP document 3 times over a dozen or so tries. At this point, my hypothesis is that the faster you saturate the iPad’s ram, the higher the chance the document will end up corrupted. I don’t know if the autosave interval has an effect on this. Mine is set to 30.


Here are the steps I followed:

1) make a copy of the document and open the copy

2) in the layers studio, open the embedded svg file

3) (optional, I think?) change the luminosity of an element of the svg file

4) Launch a bunch of apps

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your files and further information provided!

I had tried replicating this here multiple times and I was unable to do this, until I changed my auto-save frequency.

I believe the app is auto-saving in an incorrect state (within the embedded document) and not correctly 'closing' from this file when entering the forced 'snooze' state that iOS applies, after opening multiple other apps.

I've been able to create a screen recording of this and therefore I'm logging it with our developers now, many thanks for your report :)

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