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Subtract text with stroke outline from shape (Designer)

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I need to subtract some text from a shape so it performs as a proper cutout based. When originally designed, the font's boldness wasn't sufficient, so a stroke width was added to bulk it out. However, when you convert to curves, and then subtract the text outline from the shape, it reverts back to the size of the font without the stroke width. 

I've tried expand stroke, deleting out the inner lines and then subtracting, but although it transfers the curve edges into the new shape, they are all filled in and the shape doesn't cut out. 

Attached picture illustrates the issue - I'm getting what is shown on the left, I want to achieve what is on the right. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.



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1. Select the letter with the wide stroke applied.

2. ‘Expand Stroke’ to put the stroke on a separate layer.

3. Boolean ‘Add’ the stroke layer and the original letter layer.

4. Boolean ‘Subtract’ the fattened letter shape from the circle.

Alfred spacer.png
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