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Printing error with Affinity Photo 1.10.4 & Mac Monterey

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Is anyone else experiencing printing errors with  Affinity Photo and Mac Monterey?

I am printing with a Canon Pixma Pro 1 on a Mac M1 Desktop with OS 12.01. For no reason that was apparent to me, I got this error "The media type and paper size are not set correctly."

This occurred after printing 20 pages successfully, with no changes to the printer settings. Canon haven't yet provided an updated printer driver for Monterey but using the Big Sur driver was working perfectly well.

I found the only way to clear this error was to quit and restart Affinity Photo which leads me to believe that the problem may be with the latest version. The problem is, the printer will only print one copy, so in order to continue I have to quit and restart Affinity Photo after each page. I am printing a 72 page photo book so you can understand my frustration. 

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.


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Hi Arjay0249,

Welcome to the forums :)

Are you able to print multiple times from any other apps you might have installed? I'm not aware of any other reports of this at this point in time.


Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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I would definitely try printing multiple pages from another app to narrow down if it is indeed an issue with Affinity or Monterey itself.  To me it sounds like an issue with the print driver as that is what is communicating with the printer. Can definitely be a glitch that will be resolved when a proper driver is out, I remember when I had little home printers they would always have issues with every new MacOS update. Another test you could export what you want to print as PDF then try printing from Preview or Acrobat or whatever PDF viewer you use. 

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Thanks for the suggestions @Callum and @wonderings. 

I am able to print multiple copies from Preview pdfs and I can print multiple copies of jpegs and from Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. However these prints were on standard A5 paper whereas my book pages are two page spreads in Custom landscape format 148 x 420mm. This leads me to suspect that a new printer driver specifically for the combination of the Pixma Pro1 and Monterey will be required to cope with multiple copies of custom formatted print jobs. I will await the new driver for Monterey with interest. Meanwhile I can still get the job done one spread at a time. The first copy is now printed and is ready for binding.

Happy Christmas!

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