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Fuji X-T1 Raw file processing needs work...

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Dear Affinity People,


I'm not proficient in using your software- yet.  But I can't get Affinity Photo Beta to get the tonal gradations easily achieved in PhotoNinja.  I tried replicating in Affinity what I can easily achieve in 1 minute in PN.  


See the attached files.  I'm sure there is functionality in AP that can soften the highlights, and reveal detail better than I've done- but after almost 5 minutes of trying, I gave up.


In the attached files I couldn't adjust the highlights to get even close to those in the PN example- and the purple fringing along the back of the man's shirt has got to go.


I'm sure you'll get there eventually, but I hope sooner rather than later.  Fuji has very difficult RAW files to get right.  I love AP, and hope that soon I can make it my program of choice for my X-T1 and A-E1.







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Hey Dex!


I had to struggle too. But in the End i found some settings, that were very pleasing to me. Leading to BETTER results than Photo Ninja. PN is very good in sharpening, but does some weird things with colors. I don't like it...


Try the following settings and save it as a Standard Setting:


(I use the german translation)


As a Standard, I use Adobe RGB - in Generell App Settings.


In Lens Correction:


check "reduce Chromatic Aberrations" (AF will do automatically) and "reduce color fringing" and save as a preset. 


In Details:


Radius 5%

Intensity 100%


Luminance 0%

Colors 150%

Details 100%

Contribution 100%


Save this as a preset.


Affinity Photo has indeed a very good RAW Converter, i think. You'll have to do this settings once and can apply this to other images as standard settings. 


cheers, fleckintosh

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Thanks for sharing, fleckintosh!   It took me a few frustrating attempts to come up with my preferred settings.   Here is what I have been using:



In Details:


Radius 6%

Intensity 73%



Colors 41%

Details 37%

Contribution 100%



I find the biggest difference between your settings and mine is the effect of luminance.   If I set it to 0, i have a ton of noise.  57% or around there, usually takes care of noise for most film speeds.  If I get way up there, 3200, 6400, I need to up this percentage to keep out the noise.



I really have no idea what "details" and "contribution" settings do - I just played around until I liked the appearance.  



Does anyone else have any settings they could share?

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