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Creating a Maze in Affinity Designer

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Hi, I'm trying to create a maze for a game - similar idea to Pac-Man, but with curved walls. In order for it to work properly, ideally the finished maze will be one large image with the paths cut out as holes.


The best way I've found so far is to create a compound and subtract shapes in order to create these paths. This sort of works - you can see the results in the attached (green) image.


The trouble with this is it only works with circles converted to donuts, and rectangles. I'd like to be able to create a maze of flowing, intersecting paths without any sharp corners, and where the path is a constant width. One thing I can do is to draw a single line and increase the stroke width so that it resembles a path (see the other screenshot) - but the trouble is this creates a shape with a fill, rather than the line itself being a shape that I can subtract from a compound to create the maze with cut-out paths.


Any ideas on how I could achieve this?





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