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Save dialog save settings

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I know some place in these forums there was a post about this and if 15 minutes of searching can't find it then I'm going to post this up in a new thread.

For the love of time, please save the save-dialog settings. I have 60 diagrams to export individually from a single file, one at a time (as the publisher needs them separately to insert them). It take 3 extra clicks each time to choose "only the selection" area to export, so that's 177 extra clicks for this. And if I have to do it again for any reason (like they may want RGB rather than CMYK) then that's going to have to be done again.

I understand the "working with hundreds of thousands of objects" was a great optimization for 1.10, but can't some one spend a few days on some of the smaller backlogged features/requests? I can't imagine it's a total re-write of the saving system, so it can't be a big request.

One of the biggest downfalls that opensource software has is that they very often won't go back and rewrite or optimize features for better work flow, where as, commercial software is always focused on their customers productivity. It worries me when I hit a smaller issue and on a search of this forum find this same issue was reported 5 years ago and still isn't fixed or is noted but "not important".

I'm now an Affinity customer, and a very happy one for the most part. I'll keep supporting this endeavor as I do feel it's really high impact for a very reasonable price (yes, I'll pay for the next big version upgrade), but you need to be careful that the smaller things reported don't fall into the cracks as they aren't show-stopping.

I'm sorry for the rant, I really thing the team behind all this work deserves a Bells, but we all need to air things now and again. 😁

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Greetings Carl123, thanks!

It's definitely a step in the right direction, bit tricky with 30 different size drawings (one colour and same one in grey) but it did help a bit, do wish it could lock to the edges as you draw the slices and that you could reorder the slice list (that's be just being a little OCD). The locking to existing blocks size is nice but the scope should be able to be limited to current, previous and next art boards as with 60 slices it gets a bit tricky to get a new set that's close to a previous one made.

But ... it doesn't make the opening comments/request invalid. haha!

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