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Hi RoelBego,

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The dpi is irrelevant because it is not the actual resolution of the digital image. It's just a tag that specifies the number of dots per inch that will be used when the image is printed. Changing it to 300 dpi will NOT increase the image quality in any way. It just increases the resolution of the printed image to 300 dots per inch at the "cost" of a smaller printed size.


So for example if you image has 1000x1000 pixels and the dpi tag is set to 150 dpi, the printed image will have a width and height of 6,6 inches (1000/150 = 6,6).

If you set the dpi tag to 300 dpi (double), the printed image will have just 3,3 inches in size (half the size both dimensions) because you're using a higher point density (double) for each inch (1000/300= 3,3).


In generic terms what defines the "quantity" of data you have to work with is the number of pixels captured by the camera, usually expressed in Megapixels, which is the horizonal pixel dimensions multiplied by the vertical pixel dimensions of an image. So the number of pixels of your images is what really matters here.

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