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Affinity Pubölischer export color

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Hi @Step3,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums and I'm sorry to see you're having trouble!

If your colours are changing when exporting, this is usually due to the colour profile in use for the document not matching the profile used to export.

Can you please provide a copy of this .afpub file so I can investigate further for you?

Please do let me know if you require a private upload link for this file :)

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17 minutes ago, Bryce said:

Thanks Butt. Bryce this is not helpful first of als “Acrobat reader DC” I can't find the Pop up you screenshot via the Search field. Second off all if I print the file the logo is lighter than the other Blue Colors this can be seen without any software. Let's hope Dan has a helpful explanation on how to export it with the same blue. I Even check that export, file & Photoshop color Profile are the same. 



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Dan explained the problem and solution quite well:


If your colours are changing when exporting, this is usually due to the colour profile in use for the document not matching the profile used to export.

If you have Photoshop then I would think you would also have access to Acrobat DC. The tool is called output preview, and if you are designing for print, this is something you need to know and use. It could also be exporting as CMYK but your document is in RGB. 

I wish you well on getting this solved on your end.

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@ Bryce I ´m  a photographer. I only design for my own print AD and 1 client at the moment. I have the Most up to date Version of Photoshop & Lightroom nothing more. Photographer's monthly payment. "output preview" is a Part of the payed acrobat wich I do not have available.

You worte. “due to the colour profile in use for the document not matching the profile used to export.” I wrote in my last message and double checked. Printer requires “ISO Codet v2 300% (ECI)” - It the profile in export, in document settings and in the image Logo (PSD >CMYK). It had already been during ´filming Loom Video yesterday. 

Hope Dan C can come up with an explanation and fix it. 

Because If not I really would need to recreate 3 finished print products in InDesign CS4 even though they are ready in Publisher. It's the middle of wedding season, no time for this. Or is there any easy export from Publisher to InDesign? After alle I never had issues with InDesign. I just don't want to use this vary old and slow computer ore pay motley fees fore a software I use only a view theme each yere – only because there is no WOWRKING alternative.




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Thanks for the document provided - quite honestly there is a wide mix of colours being used in this document, as well as multiple colour profiles.

Your Affinity Publisher document is set to CMYK using the ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) profile, which is the same profile being used for the Embedded logo in the top right corner of the document.

However, if you open this embedded document, you can see the colour values being used are 96,76,0,0 (CMYK) for this logo - this has not been converted by Affinity as far as I can tell and these values were imported into Affinity as such.

The 'Picture Frame' with a Fill applied below this icon has the correct colour fill applied, but as mentioned this does not match the logo above, nor the icons below.

The 4 blue icons below this box are using a different colour profile, (U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2), and also have the incorrect colour values, the same as the logo, before being exported. This will be caused by the colour profile for the document not matching the images placed, so the colours are converted to match the document.

I recommend making sure all of your images used, both embedded documents and placed images are using the same ICC profile, and you also need to check which profile is in use in Adobe, to ensure the same profile is selected in Affinity or the colours will not match. 

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