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Images printing off-centre (Epson 9500 series)

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Hi. I posted this bug but on a previous version, so i'm not sure if this is the best practice but am starting a new thread. I got too busy with work to follow up on this and have just continued using photoshop in the meantime. In the process of writing this I think i've narrowed down the problem.

Windows 10
Affinity Photo
Epson surecolor SC-P9560 (aka 9500 9570 in other regions)
Printing from driver

Similar issues going way back posted here and here

basic problem:

Epson SC-P9560 has uneven minimum margins for sheet prints (roughly 14mm top and 3mm bottom). In every other software i've used (PS, LR, Qimage, Mirage) the print/preview will reflect these minimum margins, and any resizing to printable area will respect these boundaries.

In order to have a centered printable area, you must check the following box in the driver:


If for example I set up an image file at my exact print dimension and send it to the driver in any other software, I must check this box to get a centered print. This is expected behaviour, and in rare cases I will print with a 3mm margin on one edge for a particular image.

In Affinity, it seems that checking the above box actually de-centers the print layout. I won't go into great detail showing examples (they can be seen in the previous post), but can provide more context if people don't understand this.

unchecking this option seems to produce a centered print, which is opposite the expected behaviour.

Confusingly, leaving it unchecked also allows printing with the factory minimum (~3mm/14mm) margins.

Assuming that this behaviour is consistent, it could actually be a little more convenient for me overall (I can ignore the "centered" checkbox), but it's definitely odd behaviour, and completely threw me from adopting Affinity for the last 6 months. IMO this should at least be noted so that people don't have the same issue.

I wonder if AP is doing something similar under the hood for other printers that show a similar layout problem?

Thanks. Will update if I discover anything new.

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  • Staff

Hey ucprint,

We do have a bug report of this however we don't actually have the exact hardware. As this is a regression, it should take some priority but I'd like to see if this affects the beta. If you get a few minutes, would you mind trying? I'm only asking because we don't have the hardware available to us at present. 

I imagine it is not fixed but I can update the bug report which will give the developers a nudge about its priorty and how often it is being reported.

Here's a link if you wish to try it - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/144029-affinity-photo-windows-customer-beta-11001085/


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  • Staff

I really appreciate that. I can go ahead and update the bug report. It looks like we've also directly contacted the developer to ask further questions. As I said, regressions are usually prioritised so hopefully we can find a quick solution for this.

Thanks again :) 

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