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trying to import raw images,but it imports them as jpegs at half the quality.I'm importing from either Aperture or finder. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Welcome to Affinity Forums 

Don't drag the images from Aperture or open them from the Media section in the open dialog window. That's the reason they are coming as JPG's.


In Aperture press ⌘ (cmd) + ⇧ (shift) + S to export the orginals (RAW) to Finder, then open them in Affinity Photo using File ▸ Open.

There no other way to get the RAW out of Aperture. You can however set it to use Affinity Photo as an external editor in Aperture Preferences. The files will be sent as TIFF´s or PSD's in 8 or 16bit (this can be set in the Aperture's Preferences too) but currently there's still some file format compatibility (TIFF) and workflow (PSD) issues preventing it from working as it should.

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