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  1. I have several edited pictures that I just finished in AF.I know how to send individual pics to Facebook(File/share/FB)but how do I send multiple pics at one time? Thanks!
  2. I use Aperture with Affinity Photo ( I just upgraded to 1.4). If I upgrade to El Capitan will Aperture still work fine or do I lose it completely? Thanks
  3. What file format should I choose when importing Raw files from Aperture to Affinity Photo? The choices listed are jpeg,tiff,png,psd, all different size settings and 8 or 16 bit.( I don't use photoshop). Thanks
  4. In the media browser,the Aperture library shows up on it.When I click on it ,nothing happens ( I have a lot of things in the Aperture library).When I click on pictures,files that are in the finder open up. I fiqure it's a setting in Aperture that I probably have wrong.Thanks MEB and J Fisher for your help so far.I'm getting close!
  5. When importing raw files from aperture to AP,when they show up in AP they're jpegs not raw files.Same thing happens when I move them to the desktop then to AP. When in AP/file/open/import a raw file from Finder to AP,it opens as a raw file in AP-that's the only way it works.How can I directly import raw files from Aperture to AP and have them open as raw ,not jpegs? I probably have something setup wrong,can someone help me out? Thanks!
  6. I guess I wish it was a little less sensitive to my mouse movement. Thanks MEB for your continued help!
  7. Is there a way to keep the image that I'm working on from moving around on me. The least little movement of/on the mouse tends to move it around.Thanks!
  8. I'm new to AP,and have never used PS only Aperture.I'm trying to darken a too bright sky.I've watched AP's gradient videos,they helped me understand some things,but do I need to add a adj layer,or do I add it some how to the background layer?Thanks
  9. Do any of the Affinity videos or any others deal with using gradients?
  10. trying to import raw images,but it imports them as jpegs at half the quality.I'm importing from either Aperture or finder. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. I'm importing raw images into AP,but it sees them as jpegs.It says their aprox 4mps when they are 18mp. I load from Aperture or finder with the same results. Any ideas? I've only had AP for a few days,but I think I'm going to like it a lot. Thanks for your help.
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