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Contours sometimes break at PDF export

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Using Publisher on Win10

I've attached an afpub and the exported PDF and a screenshot of the PDF.

I have a shape with multiple contours, and made multiple copies of it to illustrate the problem.

It seems that depending on where on the page this shape sits, sometimes the contours "break" at the topmost node. If you start moving around the copies, the broken contours may disappear or change.

It is not related to the PDF options, I tried various different presets, including for print. 

(The topmost node is a weird one, since it seems to be 2 nodes on top of each other. I guess this was the outcome of a merge of two shapes (done in Designer). Such nodes should be merged, not overlap like this, so maybe that's another bug somewhere...)

Screenshot 2021-06-24 195124.png

affinityshapetests_pdf_digitalsmall.pdf affinityshapetests.afpub

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Hi @k_au I've taken a look at your .afpub document and all of the issues are caused by 2 overlapping nodes like the topmost node. I moved them apart and now the PDF looks as it should.

Can I ask what your workflow was to get these double-nodes please so I can try and reproduce it?


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Hi @SPaceBar, thanks for looking into this! I am not 100% sure how these overlapping nodes happened, my best guess is, I made a curve or shape for the left half of the shape, mirrored it to get the right half and merged both into one.

I tried this right now: even when the mirrored halves and the nodes were perfectly aligned using a guide, the nodes on top and on the bottom did not merge into one when using the "add shape" button or the "Geometry -> add" option from the menu. Instead they turned into two nodes with a little bit of distance which destroyed the perfect symmetry... Maybe from there somehow these very close nodes got pushed and "snapped" together. (The underlying problem with the quality of the boolean operators has been showing up in the forum a lot already).

Playing around with new nodes, if 2 nodes are pushed until "snapping" together, it seems the broken contours can also show up.

The one issue is to avoid creating overlapping nodes, maybe give a warning whenever two nodes end up overlapping and offer to merge them.

The other issue is, that even with overlapping nodes, sometimes everything looks fine, and sometimes not. This was making me crazy until I found out that moving the shape just a few pixels may fix the output. The output should be the same always and not depend on the coordinates.


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Thanks for the info @k_au. There is a known issue with Boolean operations creating excessive nodes on Designer and it's made worse by expanding the stroke. I've just had a go in Publisher and managed to use Add to join two square images and that worked fine but 2 hand-drawn triangles ended up with 5 nodes at each join.

I will update the issue to include the additional information you're supplied. Unfortunately the work around will be to manually edit them where possible which isn't going to be easy with complicated shapes.

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