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  1. Thanks for bringing this up! I'm just starting to get more serious with AP, and have been wondering if there's something comparable to "layer comps". The snapshots do seem to fit me very well. They might actually reduce the need for layers, since it seems that you can have a text box with some text, save a snapshot, then change the text, save another snapshot and still be able to switch to the previous state. So the layer count stays small. On the other hand, it looks like it's not possible to add a layer to previous snapshots. I added an element on a new layer to my design, made a new snapshot, used ctrl-c or ctrl-x to copy or cut the new layer, then activated a previous snapshot. When I use ctrl-v, nothing happens, no new layer shows up. Maybe this could be made possible in the future? Definitely +1 for adding snapshots as an export option! Often, I have many design variants for a project. To show these to the client, it would be very helpful to export each variant / snapshot in a separate PNG or JPG with a single command.
  2. Hi! Using Publisher on Win7 x64, I can't access some of my installed fonts from any dropdown. It seems *.otf fonts are found without problem, but many (but not all!?) of my *.ttf fonts are not showing up, and also the very old Type1 fonts with *.pfm/pfb are missing. I have a LOT of fonts installed, so I can't be sure if maybe an *.otf is also missing. Does this happen with other users? Maybe it's a Win7 thing? Interestingly, all the fonts seem to be available in Designer on the same machine. Cheers, k_au P.S. It's great how much quicker the beta 1.7 of Publisher is with the start-up time and font selection compared to Designer 1.6! though maybe that's because it does not reckognize half of my fonts
  3. Hi Jon P, thanks for looking into this. Here are some of the fonts.
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    Preview for export persona

    Please add me to the list of users who wish for / need an export preview. I've often used Photoshop's 2- and 4-up export preview to see what kind of result suits me best. Sometimes it's about web / mobile content where you still want to save bandwidth but deliver a decent quality image. Other times I've used the effects of the restricted GIF/PNG colour palettes as an artistic decision: Some images just look even cooler with 8 colours and some dithering... But I want to see the outcome of changing the colour depth or dithering method or JPG compression strength *before* saving. Thanks to the team for all the good work!