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requesting xmp sidecar feature ASAP! and improve .png export..

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dear affinity management,

i tried the affinity photo for 90 days.. it is a very good product.. kinda 9 on 10... id love to purchase it BUT..

everytime one makes changes on to a raw photo, adobe photoshop saves the changes into an xmp file ( simple <40kb notepad file ).

this is not the case with affinity when dealing with raw files.

we have to re-edit the raw pics again and again and again!!!!! if i hit "develop" and save-its massive 150 mb plus file size against xmp which is <50kb

AND when i export the pic in .png we dont get the slider(quality and file size) like in jpeg... the png files are huge and have to use another software to reduce its size..

PLEASE do something about it.. the .xmp feature is the reason keeping most newbie photographers like me to not buy your superb product!

Even free softwares like darktable does this somehow.. why not in AFFINITY PHOTO???

i see many people have been requesting it for quite sometime now.. atleast give an announcement regarding any update on it.. if its gonna be implemented or not in the upcoming version...

on the whole, AFFINITY PHOTO is an awesome software.. no doubt about it!

In a nutshell, the request to mgmt and devs is "xmp sidecar feature" to save the changes made onto a raw photo like Adobe PS does or darktable does asap and improve .png export (add file size/quality slider as in jpeg export)

Appreciate the AFFINITY TEAM in making this product!

Thanks you..


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On 6/17/2021 at 8:50 AM, salim91 said:

Even free softwares like darktable does this somehow.. why not in AFFINITY PHOTO???

I just think Aphinity Photo is not for raw development.    There are gazilion other softs to do so.   Some open source.         So why waste time on it.    You could just use linked file exported from Darktable or Raw therapy   or export un-clipped 32/bit exr  from Darktable  with all same light range raw files  comprise   and open/edit in AP directly with adjustment layers  as embedded doc.   


As of png I agree.


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Missing SideCar support

Same from my side. 
Missing the ability to read sidecar files created by Adobe LR or Nikon NX Studio.
This forces me to use the (old) Nikon Capture NXD to get clear and correct Raw to Tiff file handling.
Imo, the raw import can be serious improved by accepting the SideCar files for Nikon Raw handling / LR file handling. 

I'm currently moved back to Adobe lightroom I'm work with from as main NEF editor.
Tricky because with LR I also get Photoshop. I'm currenlty move my files from LR to Affinty, hower, the step using Photoshop again is small.
All due to the fact I cannot use Studio NX.
Please support the sidecars asap from Nikon Studio NX. 

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Same here. Non-destructive editing is standard right now. If I want to stay in Affinity, I have to have 3 copies of a photo:

1. The big .cr2 <- for backup purposes
2. The big .afphoto <- for RAW processing (+ optional retouching)
3. The export .jpg <- for sharing

A tiny xmp file is IMO ten times as good as than any 1-big-file-database-chunks that are created by these photo library apps today, because xmps easily can be copied, batch-processed and archived with the photos.

Please add xmp support for RAW only processing! Doing a retouch is another beast... :)

PS: Many people desperately search for something like Bridge for M1 Macs. A simple media asset app with RAW and Affinity file support.
Adobe is a dead horse on this subject, and there is nothing else well done for Affinity files...!

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In meantime I added Capture One. They work with Sidecars and the programa is way faster than LR.
However, these files are stored in the Capture One databases and does go along with the file.
Nikon NX Studio instead saves XMP / SideCars with the image.
But, capture One is serious more optimized for Mac and Windows processing.
It is one of the fastest editing programs I have.

Where many were enthousiast LR became way fasters since M1 performance updates, LR is still slower than Capture one.
The benefit of good sidecar files and management are seen here.
But, Capture one also works perfect together with Affinity.
Would make sence since the Nikon XMP SideCar files are Nikon only, and Capture one supports many camera's.
Drawback is tha capture one is not for free. Nikon NX-Studio is.

I changed my current process for editing. I start in capture one, since the raw editor is way better than Affimity. There I do many edits including color corrections.
Then I need to export to Tiff file from Capture one to get a proper edit in Affitity. 
Once all done in Affinity, I can save the edited layered Tiff file again where it is read in Capture One. All changes are taken in account and I can continue edit in Capture one. 
I can open the layered tiff file for adjustments again in affinity if needed and can see the total effect in capture one again.

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