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A pixel later just vanished

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I was working on an illustration and the routine is more or less like this: I create a rough in a pixel layer and on top of that I create shapes in vector, which I set to Multiply, so the rough is visible and I group it. Then I paint on the vector shapes with raster brushes until I’m happy with the result. 
I’ve done this hundreds of times, but now, all of a sudden, the first and basic pixel layer just vanished. Poof! Completely gone! I check off the other layers, but the pixel layer is completely empty. I check the opacity and it’s as it should be. I check History and it’s like it never existed. I have undone lots of steps, but nope. It’s gone. Completely gone. Well, the layer is there, but it’s empty. 
Maybe I accidentally touched something I shouldn’t have, but how is this possible?

The rest us there, but not the first pixel layer. 
I have a deadline so I need to do it all over again, but it sucks! I wish there is a simple explanation for this. 

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Sorry to hear.

i don’t have an explanation, there are multiple options how this could happened (wrong layer selected by accident when using delete function)

My guess regarding “missing history “ is that you have run over the limit of history steps (it can be configured) based on all later edits. 

To avoid happening again, I would suggest to make a snapshot in Photo occasionally, especially and most important after completing the rough phase, and save the file. More cautious people might even want to save different versions as different files, as there is a very low risk a file becomes corrupt.

As some IT colleagues say: no backup, no mercy. This is not meant by any means aggressive, it’s only a fact of live. I just lost 10 TB of RAW images on a failed external disk, and found out that quite a bunch of them had no backup. My own mistake, I cannot blame others (e.g. the disk manufacturer or Affinity) for not making backups. 


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