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"Float with text" issue

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I have a document in Publisher with few pinned objects via "Float With Text" button. When my edits cause text reflow I get sometimes strange issue with the pinned objects as you can see:


The text with pin has overflown to the next spread but the object remains stuck on the original spread, pushed down the bottom of page. Moreover the line connected to the pin "hangs in the air", just mimicking position of the object on previous spread.

While moving the object on original page the line connected to the pin on the next spread copies the movement as if the object was there. When I try to move the object to the next spread somewhere close to the pin it seems OK while I am dragging. At the moment I release mouse button the object jumps back to the previous spread to position I dragged it on the next spread. Pin remains on the next spread with the line connected to nothing but still mimicking the position of the object on the previous page.

Even tried to unpin the object and then move it to the next spread. So far so good. But when I try to pin it anew, the object jumps back to the previous spread and I am where I was before.

Once I even caused a crash of Publisher while trying to get the object to the next spread. Strange thing: there was no crash report, only autosaved document.



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I am sorry for delayed reply, I needed to get permission to upload the document. Now I can upload it, but I don't get to computer till this afternoon, is it ok?

Another question is which version of the document do you want? I have original version before changes, copy of autosave file, and version just after the crash.

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Zip uploaded! Included are:

-original file BEFORE ANY UPDATES;

- version of the file somewhere before the crash. Some editing done (changed Leading of Body, Space before of Heading1, added some text), problematic object overflow is on bottom of page 18, with pin on top of page 19;

- autosave created by Publisher after crash;

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I had more or less the exact same issue, and unfortunately I have to say, quite some others. For example text wraps differently around image depending on linke or embedded, i.e. if I place an image it is embedded, although document is set to "link" (a known issue, which should be fixed soon), then if I change this to "linked" the text wraps differently (as like the text keeps a greater distance), if I replace the image with itself, then it works again, as the new image is of course embedded again. This can be played forever.

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