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Designer help - Newbie

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I have just downloaded the trial version of Designer and have been 'playing' for a day or so. I am a Cartographer of quite a number of years and started using Macs in April 1992 using Aldus/Macromedia FreeHand for about 10 years before being forced to move to Illustrator when Adobe shot down FreeHand 😞 also being Freelance my clients all moved over to Illustrator. needs must!

I dislike the subscription model for software and have ditched all the Adobe CC files (which seem to be planted all over the Mac) I have been looking at various Vector based packages and Designer seems to be my favourite so far. It is very much like Illustrator which helps with the learning curve greatly, particularly key commands which I use all of the time. I have attached a file of a trial map that I created using Designer in half a day, now I know its not a patch on the artwork displayed on some of the pages but I was quite pleased that the program basically did what I wanted. I'm also amazed at the speed and response of the program, wow!

Now I know I might be asking too much and appreciate that I may have to work with some tools slightly differently but is there any way of turning off the selected item 'bounding box' (that's what its called in .ai) I do wish to select items individually not just by selecting its layer. Also, is there a way of 'cutting' a line to create just a segment of it? and finally, the Artboard seems to rotate ever so slightly and I'm not sure how this is happening, as far as I know I'm not rotating it! I would love to be able to lock it in place.

Many thanks in advance for any feedback. (and yes I have searched through the FAQs with no luck)......



Latest iMac using 11.1  -  3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7  -  16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4  -  Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB  -  1TB Apple SSD

previous Macs.... llci, 7100, G3, G4, Cube, iMac, Mac Mini, MacPro.

GJ map trial.afdesign 78.87 kB · 0 downloads 

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Hello Jonesy21,

I'am not sure if I had understood your first question correctly, but you can change the "selection-behavior" in the preferences.



To cut a line: you can delete segments (the part between two nodes) by pressing Ctrl (or its aquivalent on mac) and clicking on that segment when the node tool is used.

To rotate the artboard you have to hold down "alt" and scrub the mousewheel.

And finally: here is no limit to ask questions, so if there is anything to ask do so. 

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Thanks for the prompt reply. Also, thanks for the tips, most useful.... Qs 1 and 3 sorted thanks. Q2 I have found the Node Action, transform and snap functions.... so now learning all of those.

I have a magic mouse 2 and now know why the artboard was rotating!! I presume this can be locked, restless finger!!

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