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Pencil vs Full Keybaord How does it work?

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may i ask you a clarification guys? With the latest releases of Affinity Photo and Designer on iPad you have introduced a different behavior for Apple Pencil. I can now see  the icon of the pencil down to the bottom of the screen with all the options this pencil mode has to offer. Unfortunately, when it comes to Text, this is a bit confusing to me. I use my pencil to create and place a text layer but then i can't figure out how to switch to "full size" keyboard. I can see the small keyboard option but, every time, i have to mess around with tapping and clicking to get the full keyboard back. What is the right path ?

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The behaviour of the app here is really irritating (to me).

  1. It's not possible to use scribble (unless someone knows better) in the text frame itself.
    Therefore, I don't understand the point of not being able to access the full keyboard when the pen has been involved in placing the text frame.
  2. The only method I've found that allows me to switch from the small keyboard UI to the full keyboard is this:
    • With the text still selected and the Pencil UI showing
    • Knock the app into the background (off screen)
    • Then call it back to the foreground again (I've found this activates the full keyboard)

Irritating to say the least.

If anyone else knows otherwise, I'll be happy to be corrected and discover there's a better way.


The Pencil is still a relatively new feature tbh, but at some point someone will understand that humans don't "only use the pen" vs "only use the full keyboard", but they switch from one ot the other and back again.

Serif are interfacing with iOS here, so I suspect the answer is: it is what it is until Apple move it forward.

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This was an issue on the previous v1 ipad apps for me as well. I can't stand it. I can't use that keyboard to type area text with. It doesn't spread into Full Keyboard as it is supposed to in iPad OS. Frustrating. Please fix!  I just spent ten minutes trying to get the full keyboard and couldn't do it. Totally unpredictable. It was giving me the full keyboard earlier. Nothing different, but nothing I do now can bring it back. Maybe this is a Stage Manager bug. I just turned off SM before posting this and what do you know, I've got the full keyboard. It may be that it assumes you are using an external keyboard and trackpad in Stage Manager mode.



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