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Affinity Designer [] - Styles in the style panel are displayed incorrectly and cannot always be added.

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I don't know exactly how to classify the following curious behaviour of the "Styles panel", rather as a BUG or as a future feature. That's why I'm listing it here as a BUG and hope it is one!

1st problem
When I create the style of an object or shape (grey rectangle with black outline) in the "Styles panel", I only see a black quad under Styles. But if I click on the button "Draw stroke behind" in the panel "Stroke" under "Order:" and create its style in the "Styles panel", I see a light grey gearwheel symbol on a black quad under Styles. 
I consider this visual behaviour in the Styles panel to be a BUG.


2nd problem
I can e.g. style an object without changing any parameters infinitely but as soon as I change the parameters (Style, Width, Cap, Join, Align, Mitre, Scale with object, Start, End, Arrow place, Swap) (except "Order:" parameters) in the "Brushes panel" or "Stroke panel" I cannot create a style in the "Styles panel". 
Only when I change the parameters in the "Stroke panel" (Order:), in the "Color panel" (Line colour, Fill colour, Opacity), in the "Effects panel" (Fill Opacity, Effects) and in the "Layer panel" (Layer Opacity, Blend options, Blend Ranges) can I create a new style.

For me, the above-mentioned style behaviour or its purpose is not logical and I don't see it as a BUG, but rather as incomplete or ill-conceived programming.

For understanding:

The change of the parameters allows the creation of a new style in a category:
- Create same object style (multiple possible)
- Change line colour
- Change fill colour
- Change opacity
- Layer Effects (Effects panel & Layers panel)
- Switch Order
- Blend Ranges "Blend Options" (Layers panel)
- Layer Opacity (Layers panel)

Changing the parameters does "not" allow a style to be added to a category:
- Layer Adjustments (Layers panel)
- Assign a Brush
- Swap Arrow head
- Stroke Style
- Change Line Width
- Change Pressure


Here in the forum I found a few messages on a similar topic!


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