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Layers and Frequency Separation

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Hi all :) I just followed a tutorial to touch up/smooth out skin using frequency separation.  Skin is all set, but now I'm trying to iron out the shirt to remove the wrinkles.  I was trying to follow along with another video tutorial, but when I go to the low frequency layer (after unchecking the high frequency layer) and use the healing brush tool, nothing seems to be happening.  I have also tried unchecking both of the layers above the low frequency layer, as well as unchecking the mask layer, but nothing has seemed to help.  I included screenshots of the layers as well as a portion of the image for any thoughts, aside from getting an actual iron :D 



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Checking and unchecking the box for a particular layer only affects its visibility.  To operate on the actual layer you have to select (click on) that layer.

In the attached screenshot, both frequency layers are visible (checkmarks), but the low frequency layer is selected and active/targeted for editing (highlighted in blue).



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