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Re the sequentially numbered series of boxes in the new Affinity Publisher book article 'A Character design in Photo', page 244, I can get numbers 1-9 OK but despite HOURS of trying I cannot get no 10 etc. I was sure that I am following the instructions carefully but always end up with the blue figure one at the correct 3 line height but second figure has not changed at all. I am obviously doing something wrong as I managed it once, I suppose my accident, as i could not but could not repeat the moves I had made.

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If you want help from people who don’t have the workbooks – not all of us have – then it might be useful if you can give us a full-screen screen-grab showing what your document looks like. (If we don’t have the workbook then we don’t know what steps you are supposed to be making or what you are trying to achieve.)
Otherwise we are just having to guess and you might get answers which have little or no relevance to your situation.

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At a guess...

Paragraph panel - Drop Caps - check Enabled - uncheck Auto - set Characters to 2:



But you'll need separate text styles for single- and double-character drops.


Affinity Photo 2.0.3,  Affinity Designer 2.0.3, Affinity Publisher 2.0.3, Mac OSX 13, 2018 MacBook Pro 15" Intel.

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Thanks for your help but after a lot of trial and error ( and wasted time) I have found that despite Affinity's claim of being OK for Mac OS10.9 this is not strictly accurate.

I have been working with an iMac 10.9.5 (because I still need access to Adobe CS6 and like the bigger screen) and am finding Affinity items that this mac cannot handle. Much of it seems to work OK but so far all para indents are a no go and it seems to be likewise with trying to get double digits with the drop down facility.  Possibly other things will emerge in future.

I have installed Af Pub on another laptop with OS 10.11.6 and Drop Downs and Para indents operate correctly. Sorry for having wasted your time guys

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