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AD 1.9 [Win 10 20H2] Insert at the top of layer button doesn't work


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Disaster release 1.9 contains another bug:

Select a layer (inside a group) in a layer stack, have an object in clipboard, click Insert at the top of the layer button, it gets highlighted, but on paste the object appears at the top of the layer stack. It worked flawlessly in all other previous releases I can think of since like version 1.5.

Same goes when the same button is selected and one clicks New Layer icon.

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1 hour ago, Sean P said:


Do you have an example file that did work this way in 1.8.5 or a screenshot of your folder structure please? Because I'm finding 1.8 and 1.9 to be the same. See below for the behaviour in 1.8.5 - The button does specifically state for Layer and not groups.

InsertAtTop.afdesign 12.87 kB · 0 downloads

Hi @Sean P, sure. Please, hit me with a private dropbox link and I’ll upload it once I’m back at the office.


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14 hours ago, Sean P said:

Hi. Thanks for the dropbox link, I've just uploaded the file for you to check the issue out.

Tested again on another computer just now and it doesn't work  as expected (the way it always worked in previous versions) here. It's a different computer, not the first one I've encountered the issue with. Updated from 1.5 constantly with all the updates up to 1.9.

Quite easy to replicate here with the original file and even a brand new one I just created.

See my gif below.


I'm expecting the newly created rectangle from first half of the gif to be pasted on top of the topellipse (from the top of the layer stack) in the second half of the gif, however it appears on the top of the whole layer stack now. Using CTRL+V to paste it (not obvious from the screen cast).

I've upgraded all my machines to 1.9 so I sadly can't show you how this worked for me in previous releases.


Sorry for not being clear enough in my original post, my point is: I'm working on a huge file (the one I've uploaded to dropbox) with dozens of layers (since sadly, object = a layer in Affinity).  I need to PASTE an object, created elsewhere (due to buggy Affinity Booleans), from the clipboard on top of a single layer in the middle of my layer stack (heavily grouped). I have to either drag the object and scroll dozens of layers  to the place is in the middle of layer stack to drop it where I need to place it, which is enormously time consuming, especially when I'm doing this multiple times over and over. Insert at the top of the layer always worked for me in a similar fashion 'Paste in front' works in Illustrator.

It's no longer the case now.

I hope I've explained my issue well enough.

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  • Staff

Thanks for that - I've spoken to development and the current behaviour my video shows of 1.8.5 above is the intended behaviour, and also happens if pasting. Essentially as I said it will only paste it at the top of the current '(Layer)' type. Groups are not this type, so it will paste it at the top of the stack if you don't have a (Layer) in your document. However what development have said is that this behaviour has changed a little bit over the years, before settling on what we found to be the most useful which is what is currently in the app.

If you want to try 1.8.5 feel free to download it from here (though you would unfortunately have to remove 1.9.0 first):

However with that said I have passed this on an improvement to development as I can see the benefit of wanting to create objects at the top of a group.

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