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1.9 Live Blur Filters do not render properly

A. Loewen

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Using Affinity Photo

Windows 10 Release 2004



Bug: Live Blur filters do not render properly


I've attached a macro I've made to automate Frequency Separation. This generates a layer stack that looks something like this in the layer stack:


  • Frequency Separation Group Folder (Passthrough blend mode)
    • High Frequency Group Folder (Linear Light blend mode)
      • High Frequency Layer (Pixel Layer, Stamped visible layer, Average blend mode)
      • High Frequency Layer - Inverted (Pixel Layer, Stamped visible layer, Normal blend mode)
        • Live Blur layer clipped to above layer
    • Low Frequency Layer (Pixel Layer, Normal blend mode
      • Live Blur layer clipped to above layer

The blurs are ran at the exact same strength with Preserve Alpha checked.

When applied to images, Live Blur layers produce irregular edges on images. A live Bilateral blur produces a black border around the whole image, whereas a live Median blur produces dark rounded corners.



I do not believe the problem is with the macro itself for the following reasons:

1) I can delete the Live blur layers, and apply a normal destructive blur to the High Frequency Inverted, and Low Frequency layers to create a perfect Frequency Separated image. This can be proven by:

  • Creating a Merged Visible layer of the Frequency Separated image
  • Turning off visibility of the Frequency Separation layers
  • Setting the blending mode of the Merged Visible layer to Difference
  • Creating a Levels adjustment above the Merged Visible layer and opening the adjustment options, which will show no pixels in the levels histogram, indicating a completely perfect separation image identical to the original background image


2) I can repeat the same problem as seen with my macro, in a more "plain" layer stack. I believe the macro does enhance the problems because of the blending modes used.




I've included some snips that demonstrate the problem.

"Dark Rectangle 1.png" shows the dark border and incorrect rendering using live filters.

"Dark Rectangle 2.png" shows correct rendering, when I delete the Live filters, and run a destructive Bilateral Blur at the same settings used in example 1 by the live filters. Nothing else with the image or the layer stack has been altered.

Dark Rectangle 2.PNG

Dark Rectangle 1.PNG

Live Frequency Separation.afmacro

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  • Staff

Hi @A. Loewen,
Sorry the delay getting back to you. We've been quite busy lately due to the amount of new posts/support tickets generated by the latest releases and the 90 day free trial offer.
Thanks for reporting this issue. I've logged it to be looked at.

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