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I am working on the Wine cellar.   I have some good experience working with Designer but there are some new concepts here for me and I am struggling with the quality of the instructions. Specifically on page 245 discussing the overlapping ellipses and rectangles and using the subtract function.  After trial and error I think I figured out which shape should be where in layers, but when it came to the divide and removal of unnecessary shapes I am not getting correct results.  Simple step by step examples would help a lot.  The earlier example making the barrel and referring back to info on page 96 fall way short.  I don’t mind figuring things out but I need just a little more technique insight to help.  It is an instructional workbook after all.
Also I am using the iPad version and the workbook completely ignores shortcuts, etc relative to iPad.  For instance I can’t find the gesture to allow me to skew shape (is there one?) so I go to transform studio and use shear.
I worked through the Skyline tutorial and found it started out very helpful and detailed in explanations (even giving HSL values for colors!) only to become vague and confusing after a few pages.
Are there other supplemental resources for these projects.
I have also purchased the Photo workbook.  
Designer & Photo programs are excellent but I find the workbooks not up to par.  They lack some basic information, eg. not explaining what the icons in the contextual, menu of the Move tool mean.  I know where to find this info in the help files of the program but this is an example of something that should’ve been included in book (IMO.) There is so much wasted space per page that the print could’ve been larger and easier to see/read. The aqua captions are difficult to see unless very good lighting.

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The workbooks are designed around the desktop versions of the apps.  However the projects can still be followed using the iPad versions but for obvious reasons context menus, keyboard shortcuts, modify keys and menu items/locations are going to be different.

The workbooks have links for downloaded resources to be used in the various chapters, usually at the beginning of the chapter highlighted in purple.

The iPad versions only have so many gestures available, these are shown in the built in help under Gestures with some short clips demonstrating them. 

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