What's the best way to really learn Affinity Ohoto

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Hi -


WOW!! Affinity Photo is deep, deep, deep. Are any publishers working on a book? What's the best way to learn to use this app on a professional level.


Thanks in advance -


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1. Watch all the APh tutorials 2 times.

2. Search You Tube for APh videos.

3. Go to APh Help & print out all the topics including subheadings. Then work your way thru them all.

4. Ask questions & read responses on the Forum.

5. Try all the APh buttons.

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Or use the work on the welcome screen, deconstruct and see how the images were built. Ask away!


These are a very, very long way off; so file them under wishful thinking:

  • The official manual
  • Your local college
  • Any decent bookshop

However, we do have some great artists, who do top notch work:

  • Ronnie McBride
  • Paulo Limoncelli
  • Retrograde
  • Denironaut/Craig
  • Eejits/George
  • forum member but what a stunning debut!

This has been discussed elsewhere, so we are all keen to see AD/APh/APu books sitting on our coffee tables! :D

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