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Version 1.8.6 Extremely Laggy on Ipad Pro 12.9


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Just recently bought new ipad pro 12.9 and as a professional designer I absolutely love to use affinity! For the first days everything seems good. But yesterday affinity starts to lag really badly.  I had to draw skeleton, and each part of it should be on separate layer, so i almost done with the drawing, when I started to draw fingers, app starts crashing, and everything was so extremely slow. That i have to wait around minute after zoom in and zoom out, after literally every step i have to wait around minute or even more. Sometimes like 3-5 minutes,  
can you kindly tell me is it a normal behaviour? Because it's quite frustrating. My canvas size is A4 format.

Also, in settings, Affinity Data, takes 10gb, thats really weird, as i have only one project open.

BTW: I tried to reinstall, hard reset and reboot app. Nothing helps
p.s and sorry for my english! :)

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Sophie1212 and Welcome to the Forums,

1 hour ago, Sophie1212 said:

can you kindly tell me is it a normal behaviour

It's not normal behaviour for Designer to act in this way.

Could you attach the afdesign file you are working with and i'll see what the trouble could be.  If you'd rather not attach the file here, please upload it to our Dropbox here.

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7 minutes ago, Sophie1212 said:

Alright, i will attach file a bit later. So actually it's not possible to work in AD app with many layers?

Sorry that was my mistake, i meant to say it isn't normal behaviour.   I've updated my last reply so it now shows that.

I'll know more about why its happening once i've got the file.  It's possible it could be due to the number of layers but then i've seen other files with hundreds of layers that worked fine.

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