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Eye Candy Works with Affinity Store 1.8.4 release


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Got frustrated with Eye Candy plugin (which I use quite often for client work) working in the betas over the last many months with various versions of Photo, but it would not open in the Mac App Store release versions due to sandboxing. Broke down today and bought the Affinity Store version and it works fine (given that Serif support have told me that they currently do not support Alien Skin plugins like EC). 

Took about an hour moving all my presets and prefs over from my MAS version to the new one, and had to completely rebuild the workspace. But it was worth it. Plus my Nik Collection plugins all seem to be working, so in the end the extra $50 was well spent (especially with the many upgrades Serif has delivered since I first bought APhoto!). Given the amount of time Eye Candy saves my clients for a lot of critical work, having it work in the release versions is a real plus, and I'm no longer tied to having to try to keep my APhoto betas alive! While EC works in my old Adobe CS5 PS, I'm trying to at some point soon get moved up from Mojave to Catalina before that goes away. Thus I'm now electing to start using my CS5 apps on a Parallels Sierra virtual volume, which is a bit slow and slightly buggy. But don't want to have to keep switching to that virtual volume every time I need EC.

Thus, this is not a "bug report" as such, but might answer other MAS customers who might think there is a bug in 1.8.4 when they can't use EC. Just a quick tip on how to get around that problem if it's important to you like it is to me. 


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