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how to change dpi without increase or decrease the file?

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Hi Affinity,


how i can change the dpi of a file without increase or decrease the file?


example: i have a file with 72dpi: 5616px x 3744 px


now i want to change the file to 300 dpi... without increase or decrease the file


see the attached screens how to see i tried this,


but where i can see that the px are changed?


or is there another way? sorry, i think in photoshop...



Regards Wolfgang



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Hallo Wolfgang


Go to menu item "Dokumentengrösse ändern", unhook "Neuberechnung" in popup window, click on DPI put in yr numbers or use slider to adjust without change of document size.


Meinst Du das?





A layer has to be selected to show you the "Hintergrund (Pixel)" indicator in the upper left corner under the Affinity logo.

(sometimes?) It won't update automatic the Pixel number after changing the DPIs, only after changing to another tool and choosing the "arrow" in the toolbox again, it shows the actual DPI.

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Hallo Cornel,


sorry. Hab eben erst Deine Antwort entdeckt. Ja, genau das meine ich. Was mich aber irritiert: die px Anzahl bleibt unverändert! Beispiel: ein Dokument 100 x100 px bei 72 dpi.. ändere ich das so.. dann hab ich 300 dp bei 100 x 100px... die px Zahl müsste doch dann deutlich geringer sein. so wie es aussieht würde es doch interpolieren? oder nicht?


Besten Gruss


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Hi wlengfelder,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

If you want to resize the image, uncheck the Resample box and change the dpi to whatever value you need. This will keep the pixel dimensions and will change the print size.

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