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Hi, Ive recently designed a jersey for a cycling club using AD. and normally export them to different formats, usually eps, pdf, and psd if files need to be sent to the chlothing company for printing and to be used in Illustrator.


FIrst question,


Why is it that when you try to open the file saved in different format, the layering, the grouping and other stuff gets lost and change drastically. For example, if i open an exported saved eps file they will be totally different arrangement, layering, grouping compared to the original afdesign file. Why can't they open an afdesign exactly as i design it  in Illustrator or any other program? Is it possible that the file can be save in AI or any other formats and keep the file as it is?




I was told(complained, really)  by the clothing company that all stuff/design which have an effect applied on (like gaussian, blur, outline.. etc) will be recognised as jpeg when they've opened it in Illustrator or whatever program they use in printing. Why is this?


and lastly, will the pantone colouring and the rest of colouring using codes will be added to ad sooner? 


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Hi M4rck3, not all those formats currently support all the things you're asking of them, to maintain layers, groups, layer and group names, and for objects (or layers) with effects to remain as vectors. Some of this could improve over time and some is just impossible due to the nature of design and file formats. For instance if you blur text or a shape it is not going to remain a vector except in Affinity apps.


The only way to guarantee someone gets exactly the same file as you intend is to use the same app and the same file, e.g. for your clothing company to use Affinity Designer to open your Affinity Designer file. No single standard format like EPS or SVG will support everything that an afdesign file supports. My best recommendation for you is to use PDF especially if the clothing company wants to use Illustrator. Illustrator can open PDFs, so if you avoid using raster effects and stick to clean vectors and text they should be able to import your PDF file in Illustrator.


If you are having problems exporting your design to PDF and it opening properly in Illustrator let us know, maybe give some specifics or share a file that the devs can look into for you. Lastly, Pantone is still on the roadmap M4rck3, sorry there's no ETA been confirmed yet for when this will be added to Affinity Designer.


Best wishes.

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