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Create an angle limit for smooth in selection refinement

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I know this would be extraordinarily difficult to program, but I'd love to see some settings to not smooth over these cusps and corners. Basically, a slider like this:

Maximum angle. Similar to auto smooth (formerly edge split) in Blender; it decides the maximum angle that smoothing will occur on.

It's difficult to program because this is raster, but perhaps you could divide the selection into a series of regression lines, the length of which lines would be specified by the user (higher lengths = ignoring little bumps more in this search, smaller lengths = finding angles everywhere, hence disabling smoothing all over the place). In other words, (behind the scenes) turn the selection into a polygon in order to find where these sharp angles exist. Again, this is a difficult thing to code, but it sure would be great to have.

Green check is where I want the smoothing, red x is where I don't want it:


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