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Wacom pen reverse tip invokes erase tool even if off

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Hi all,

this just has to be a bug — I can't see it documented anywhere, nor anyway to turn it off (if intentional):

I am using a Wacom pen (intuos pro M) and love using it with Designer.
Since I have my keyboard positioned above my tablet, and I also love using keyboard shortcuts (plus of course, need to type text every now and then) both in Designer and elsewhere, I have globally disabled the "reverse tip" in the Wacom settings so as to not involuntarily invoke something as the pen rests loosely in my hand.
This works fine in every other app; the reverse tip does nothing.

But. In Designer, if reaching for the keyboard (so that the reverse tip hovers over the tablet) I suddenly find that Designer will:
1. Almost always: Change my cursor to a circle (probably an Erase Brush, because the undo menu item changes to "undo erase brush tool" — something I didn't voluntarily select, and also something that to my knowledge should not be possible in the vector persona?)
2. Sometimes also: Add a mask layer to the current layer
3. Occasionally also: Add marching ants to the edges of the full page, as if I had performed a cmd+a on pixel layer

Is this by design? If so why?
Why does the reverse tip of the Wacom perform stuff in Designer when globally set to off?
Or am I missing something?

Please advise!


Edited to add two things:
1. I should probably mention that I’m on a Mac
2. Another “sometimes” symptom is that sometimes, the assistant notification appears telling me it has rasterized a layer for me.

PS to moderators: If I ought to have posted this is the support forum rather than bugs feel free to move it; I don’t seem to be able to myself. Then again, I guess the right choice of forum depends on whether this turns out to be unintended behavior or not... 😆

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