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Designer gets stuck / stutters / dropouts

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Hello dear forum users, excuse my English, I have this translated for you by translator.

I use version 1.8.3 and have the problem that designers often get stuck, then nothing happens for a few seconds, then it runs smoothly again.

my hardware:
i5 2500k 4x3.3ghz
1GB graphics

german version:

Hallo liebe Foren-User, entschuldigt mein Englisch, ich lass dieses per Übersetzer für euch übersetzen.

Ich nutze die version 1.8.3 und habe das Problem, dass Designer oftmals hängen bleibt, dann passiert einige Sekunden nichts, dann rennt es wieder flüssig.

meine Hardware:
i5 2500k 4x3,3ghz
1gb grafik

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I was working on a file with multiple artboards, and I was experiencing the same. It doesn't happen very often but regularly when using the node tool.

I was also checking the task manager for memory issues, but memory usage stayed constant around 6 GB. (Version


My hardware:


16 GB

SSD (250 GB, 33 GB free)



Testing the same file on a more recent desktop didn't show any freezes. (i7-4970K, 16GB, 500 GB SSD (311GB free), GTX970)

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Hi @msilver

Thanks for your PC specs. Are you able to give an example of when this happened please? Can you also upload the file you were using when it happened / what you were doing that would be a big help.

Hi @Markio

Thanks for your specs too. Would you be able to upload a file that has this issue when using the node tool? A video of it happening would also be great too if you could upload one.

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Bonjour à tous
Personnellement je suis passé d'une machine W10 SSD et core i5 8 Gb de Ram carte IRIS graphique et effectivement que se soit photo ou designer c'était compliqué.
J'ai repris mon ancien portable, un asus N56VZ, je lui ai collé un SSD, W10 et 16 Gb de RAM.
Depuis j'ai installé Publisher, tout fonctionne parfaitement.
Pour l'instant.
Hello to all
Personally I went from a W10 SSD machine and core i5 8 Gb of Ram IRIS card graphics and actually whether photo or designer it was complicated.
I took back my old laptop, an asus N56VZ, I glued it an SSD, W10 and 16 Gb of RAM.
Since I installed Publisher, everything works perfectly.
For the time being.

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I have uploaded two files. But I think that in my case it's related to finding snapping candidates on all layers. If I switch to 'immediate layers and children' all runs smoothly.

Every artboard has a layer named 'onderlegger', the objects on that layer are from client-provided pdf pages. Those are really 'messy' vector curves (output from AutoCAD I think, all the hatches have been exploded to individual curves) and I have cleaned it up a bit.

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