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I have issues with Affinity Design regarding lag/stutter/screen tearing with good PC. May you please help me?

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I have issues with Affinity Designer, I have lag and screen tearing in different scenarios when moving shapes and images around. Sometimes it works flawlessly, other times it has many issues. I haven't used this software much, I'm rather new. But I'd rather resolve this issue as soon as possible. Is this normal? I have a 3950x and a 1080ti, so it's definitely not my hardware. I have attached a gif showcasing what I mean here: https://i.gyazo.com/a726f300cb7787af38597c46db9070fb.mp4 There are a lot of shapes in the area I showcased the issue, this doesn't always happen on an empty artboard, but it seems to always happen on one that has a bit going on. Is this normal? Is there any way to fix this? It makes working in the software more difficult. Please help me, I really need it. Thank you so much!

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So this is what is causing the lag? Is this a known issue? The snapping tool is very useful at time. I can try to see if this changes anything and will get back to you though if this is all you suggest for now. Thanks so much!

Disabling the snap-option did not fix this issue. Anything else I can do? I am still facing what the GIF shows. Thanks!

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I have more information
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You mean post my project so you can open it up an try? I found an older thread that states a similar issue and some staff say it's normal. That thread is here:

So you probably just don't notice it or haven't created a situation in which it's noticeable.

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