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Brush size change for Non-US/UK keyboard (scroll wheel)

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I've bought your new Affinity Photo after trying it out a little during the beta. It has a lot of potential!

As I'm living in Sweden I have a Swedish keyboard layout, which leaves me with really annoying problems when it comes to some keyboard shortcuts. To get the keys '[' and ']' requires me to press two buttons, ALT+8 and ALT+9... which of course doesn't work for changing the brush size (as the keyboard shortcut seems to be programmed the wrong way (same problem with Adobe products))..

As you can understand this is quite annoying... so, I try the next thing that I find logical, using the mouse wheel in hopes that it will change the brush size.. but no, it scrolls the image up and down...

Ok I try a third thing, right clicking in the hope of getting a slider to be able to change the brush size, but nothing happens...

The fourth thing I then try is to find settings to change keyboard shortcuts... but this is missing... searching the forums I see it is on its way..


Now, if I bring up my wacom board it might be solvable, but I don't always have it with me.

And I would really like the scroll wheel on the mouse to change the brush size, this would be soooo convenient and fast, much better than having to use keyboard shortcuts (though this should be an option too)...
And a right click to get the brush size change would be helpful too (which is what I do in PS), but it is not as fast as using a scroll wheel to just change it instantly.


Please consider this input and I hope to find this resolved for the next update so that I can work effectively and actually use this software. Thank you!

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Hej Roberto!


Yes, this is not only an issue with the Swedish keyboards but other languages as well: I have also read on some posts (don't remember exactly which ones) that a solution is being looked into. No doubt many will be glad when it arrives.


Nice to see another user in Sweden BTW

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Wow, great tip! I never could have figured that out.


I even clumsily slapped together this nice smiley for you in appreciation of your post. Obviously I am no artist but I am thoroughly enjoying my awkward attempts at learning the tools and techniques needed to get any simple doodles which may be in my head out and onto the screen.  I feel like a kid who just got his first box of crayons (and my primitive work could be described the same).


* If anyone was willing, I could post the .afdesign file of this and they could give me some guidance on how to improve what I have done in the layers and possibly even how I can achieve that 'glassy' look that I see so many others accomplish.


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I'm glad you could use the tip!

I made some smilies some time ago (in PSE). The glossy look is achieved by adding shadows and highlights, -circles/gradients with various shades of yellow.

(I'm not happy with the mouth)


- Affinity Photo 1.7.2
- Affinity Designer 1.7.2
-Affinity Publisher 1.7.2


MacBook Pro 8 GB
MacBook Pro Mojave 10.14.6

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