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On1 plugins

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I am curious as to why having the On1 plugins work within Affinity Photo is necessary. I thought their apps worked independently of other software and you could integrate if you wanted to. Is it more a matter of convenience? I admit to having little familiarity with plugins and rarely am able to achieve the results with them I see others getting, so excuse my ignorance if this is a dumb question.

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Jmac, yes to some extent it is convenience. My workflow goes like this: LR (raw conversion, keywords, catalogue) -> Photoshop (for cloning and other types of layered work)- >On1 plugins for adding stylization ->save back to Photoshop (perhaps mask the work done in on1)-> save in photoshop will put the finished photo back into LR and its management system. I would love to replace Photoshop with Affinity Photo and all works just fine except that I cannot access the on1 plugins. Of course I could export a tif from Affinity and open On1 as standalone and do my work and then again save it from there and turn back to Lightroom and import the final photo and then group it with the original raw file. But this is very inefficient and inconvenient. As for other plugins I use the Nik collection and some from Topaz they kind of work in my workflow (there is still some issues, for example some of Nik works others don not and the same for Topaz but as i understand Affinity is working to solve this with a future update).


I been told that the problem is that unlike the other plugins On1 suite works via Photoshops "automate function" and not as a filter as Topaz and Nik. I do not know what this means (I only use software :-))


Anyways I still hope there is a way to make on1 and Affinity Photo to play nice.

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So, I emailed them earlier today through their website and this is the response I got:




Thank you for using ON1! We will pass on your feedback to our development team. However, we do not expect to integrate with the Affinity Application for future versions. We apologize for this inconvenience, if there is anything else we can do for you please feel free to send us an email.





Bummer, and I hope they change their stance on this.

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If you have a Mac, you can export to the OnOne Suite using "Automator". The procedure is as follows:

1. Create a folder "Transfer AP to On1" in a convenient location.

2. Open Automator > File > New and select "Folder Action".

3. Under Choose folder, specify "Transfer AP to On1".

4. In the Library pane, select "Files and Folders"

5. Drag "Open Finder Items" to the right-hand pane. Locate the Perfect Photo Suite app under "Default".

6. Drag "Move Finder Items to Trash" into right-hand pane.

7. Save as "AP to On1".


That's it! Simply export your edited file from AP in a supported format (eg. Tiff, PSD, Jpeg) to the "Transfer AP to On1" folder. 


This should work with any stand-alone application.

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