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1. Saved logo as EPS (as well as JPG) at 300dpi in Photo. Open logo in Mac Preview and zoom in: logo's text edges look GREAT.

2. BUT after placing logo into Designer and exporting to PDF, and inspecting PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader: logo's text edges are really choppy.

Goal: send business card PDF to CMYK printer for business card printing.

How do I get a clean logo in PDF?


EH300-generic-cmyk-profile-eps.eps Erucae Biz Card - MASTER - test with EPS logo.pdf

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1 hour ago, Lagarto said:

The .eps file contains a bitmap at 300dpi so that is the maximum quality this file can be reproduced when placed in Designer. I wonder why you produced it initially in Photo instead of Designer (it is of course possible to work with vectors and fonts also in Photo, but basically Designer would be more natural choice for a job where accuracy and vector output is desired).

My preference would definitely have been to have the logo in vector, but the client only had it in JPG. The JPG format gave me choppy text edges once in PDF, so I tried saving the JPG as an EPS. But the same choppy text edges happen once in PDF. This JPG/EPS logo may be the best I can hope for since no vector exists.


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4 hours ago, Lagarto said:

Here is an .afdesign document that also contains a font version of the logo. The font that was used was free Google Font Barlow Condensed SemiBold Italic:


The font can be downloaded here:


Updated .afdesign file:

Erucae Biz Card_with_font.afdesign

Wow; so cool! Thanks so much for the info about Inkscape, the new afdesign files, and the Google font. So helpful!

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