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Hi there, Please can you help? Affinity Photo keeps freezing when I try to move a layer (i.e. about half a dozen mouse clicks after launching the software). The file size is small (less than 1MB). I'm running AF on a Wacom Studio Pro (Windows 10 Pro) with 16MB ram and 399GB free disk space. I have reinstalled the computer which has not helped this issue. Please can anybody point me towrads some things to try to resolve this? It is the only App crashing, everything else seems to be fine. Many thanks in advance for any help you could kindly offer.

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Yep..., same thing has happened to me multiple times. Affinity Photo freezes up when reordering layers. I'm running AP version on WIN 10 64bit with 16GB ram and oodles of free disk space. It happens regularly, even with small image files and only a few layers. Very annoying!

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Hi Pete, Yes, very. However, I have just installed the latest Beta version and it solved the problem! :D It does not quite fit itself onto my tablet screen - a couple of tools missing from the bottom of the column. But as there are keyboard shortcuts it's no big deal. The very big deal is that I can work again! Yaaay - as smooth as a baby's bottom. (I still have the original installation, but I will run the Beta now until the patches are formally released.) I downloaded the Beta s/w from the Beta forum: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/61-affinity-photo-beta-forums/   ...   Good Luck!! xx

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