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AFPUB  OS X 10.15.3

Originally posted August 2019.

As this is publishing software, it would be extremely helpful to have grammar check built in. Without this feature, one would have to offload the text somehow, check it in some other piece of software, and then manually make the corrections. I'm not sure whether the grammar checking should be "on demand" and/or "as you type." Either way, it's going to be very handy to have built into Affinity Publisher.

On the Mac, when you use the Shift-Command-Colon keys it brings up the "Spelling and Grammar" window. The grammar is built into the operating system of the Mac in the user's chosen language. I noted that this is the same window that I see in AFPUB (more or less). See the two screen captures below.

I'd suggest that AFPUB be made aware of that for the Mac and be able to invoke the Grammar Check using the check box provided on the Mac Spelling and Grammar window. That means you would not have to create a grammar checker inside AFPUB, just use the operating system's built-in capability. Perhaps there might be something similar in Windows?


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Hi Gabe - I was told a few days back that I should just copy the URL for any prior issue when reopening or, as you have requested, to post my feature request in the correct forum.

However, I noted that my pasted URL does not seem to be "active" in a recent re-post - so just asking: how do I copy a previous issue reference into a new post - the specific steps - as it is not intuitive to me.

Thank you.

On 4/29/2020 at 4:26 AM, Gabe said:

Hi @thetasig

Can you please post Feature requests in the Feature requests section? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/52-feature-requests-suggestions/


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Hi Gabe - I tried that copy/paste of the URL of the thread and it came out as plain text - you would have to highlight it, copy it, and then paste it to get to the thread. I'll try it again by referring to that new thread.

Well, it worked this time - difference is that I looked at the list of threads, "copy URL" from the blue title, then pasted into here. In the referenced thread, I copied the URL at the top of the browser, then pasted it.

Thanks for your help.

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