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<justify left>How can I justify asian characters normaly

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I applied these texts with Justify left. but very long spaces are there.

So I want to know how can I seperate these texts by  not word but letter~~

Please help me~

주석 2020-03-25 223933.png

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I am sorry to say that I have no knowledge at all about Asian texts, so here is a general answer until perhaps someone else can give you something more specific.

The problem you are seeing is something that is a common issue for many texts, including English, when there are narrow columns. The text wrap around your circle object is causing 8 of your lines of text to have a rather narrow width relative to the font size. In other words, because of the effective width of the text column caused by the wrap, you only have enough space for about two or three words per line at that font size, and gaps in those circumstances are basically unavoidable.

Generally you want to avoid columns that narrow. But there are a couple of tricks that can help narrow columns for justified text. The first is to use hyphenation, if this is acceptable in your language. For my languages, I would either use hyphenation or not justify at all on those narrow columns. Secondly (which helps to a lesser extent), you can increase the maximum letter spacing amount in the justification settings. This will distribute some of the space between the letters, but it is a compromise, as the total amount of space in the line is the same, just distributed differently. Thirdly, you could manually increase the horizontal scaling on some lines in subtle amounts, which, again is a compromise, but justification is inherently a balance of compromise.

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40 minutes ago, diasozo said:

So I want to know how can I seperate these texts by  not word but letter

This is what I was talking about as the second option above, but perhaps an image of the right setting will be helpful. This is where you alter the justification settings to increase spacing per letter:



Or better, if you use text styles, here is the same setting as a style attribute:




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