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Hi all,

Affinity Photo doesn't pixelate (Filter > Distort > Pixelate) images the same way other programs do. AP seems to pick the color of one pixel and uses it for the large pixel, while other tools usually use the average color of the overwritten pixels. In my opinion the result in Affinity Photo looks quite ugly, especially on faces where the result is usually asymetric.

Here an example: Original, Actual Affinity Photo result, Expected result from other programs.


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I don't really agree that it's uglier since I prefer the high contrast colours for better readability of the shapes. The filter is pretty excellent for pixel art where readability is super important. Would find it a lot easier to design a character with the high contrast colour palette than the blurier one.

That said, having any alternative pixelate algorithm certainly wouldn't be bad either. 

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The difference is merely that one was internally scaled down without anti-aliasing, and the other with anti-aliasing.

One issue with the pixelate filter is that it creates decimal pixels at the borders, which I dislike. Which is why I tend to avoid that method and prefer a basic scale down move.

Scaling down without and with anti-aliasing results in:


Scale down with nearest neighbour (which does not apply any anti-aliasing) or any of the other resampling algorithms for a softer anti-aliased result. Then scale up either result without anti-aliasing (nearest neighbour) to its original size. (This will introduce non-square non-precise blown-up pixels unless done in decimal steps - or use Resize Pixel Art Document)

That is true pixelation without those ugly half-pixels at the borders.

PS be VERY careful when resizing a document in Photo: it allows for non-decimal values, again resulting in weird decimal pixels at the borders when scaling down to a low resolution. Turning on pixel snapping, force pixel alignment, etc. doesn't seem to prevent this from occurring, which is buggy behaviour in my book. The only option is to use pixel values that result in decimal values for  width and height.

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