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How to create a bitmap-structure in a Surface?

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I am new to affinty design. To learn the program, I started a new project, tried out many techniques and saved interesting intermediate results ... but I tried too much and now I don't know how I created a particular result ... here are some screenshots of the intermediate results (my question only concerns the bitmap structure in the detail jpgs) ... probably quite simple, but I have no idea what to do – i feel a little stupid 😭  😅  does anyone have any ideas? ... i seem to remember, that i had found a function to convert a gray value into a bitmap structure or hatching - but i might be wrong (even very likely) 

thx for a tip!


 Enclosed 2 overview pictures and the respective details I am interested in.






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You may of clipped the image to the shape on the layers panel, another method that can be used is using the Fill Tool to apply a bitmap fill to a shape. If you can do a screenshot of your Layers panel this may help in confirming the method used.

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Hey Lee D, thanks for thinking along. I only have a psd Export-file to watch result, that i posted ... that's the problem. 😅 I have overwritten the original file. Right now my favorite explanation is that I used a certain brush in pixel persona. I have installed a few free brushes and experimented with them – but none of the brushes i currently have installed work the way i am looking for. It remains a mystery;)

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